Read how actual owners and problematic dogs became trained effectively and efficently.

Matt has a gift that he can recognize when Bella is in distress and within a session with Matt, he has managed to have her calm and listening to all his commands. If there is a better way to work with Bella, Matt finds it and tries it with her and always he is dead on for again she changes her behavior. Bella is always so happy to see Matt and they have a special relationship that always makes your heart filled for you know Matt is there for Bella and will do anything to be sure she is safe and her tail is always wagging.

Jill Polgar, owner of Bella


Matt, the dog trainer, consistently delivers high-quality training which is individualized to your dog. I have two Italian Greyhounds, dogs that are known to be difficult to train. In spite of their breed-specific aversion to obedience training, they both are well trained and well behaved thanks to Matt. He offers out-of-the-box solutions that work!

- Susan Richards, owner of El Diablo and Saint


When Matt first met our two Yorkies he explained to us that our larger dog Fie Fie was actually a Sillky Terrier. He then went on to explain their natural tendencies for alarming and that some may experience separation anxiety. Before Matt we used to clean potty training accidents constantly. Also our dogs were simply unhappy, sad, when we left the house. He helped us better understand how to manage their anxiety and leave them in the safest most comfortable environment. Now when we leave the house, take the kids to school, go on vacation, we no longer worry about random chewing, potty, or sad doggies. We are so glad to find a trainer who could do this all in a positive environment. He trained us really!

- Aundrea & Gustaf Trapp, owner of Fie Fie and Feu Feu